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What a drag ….

Sorry Guys

Sorry guys not for posting for about 2 years, I have been busy with Intermediate. I joined the cricket team this year, and we came 2nd and also in soccer we came 3rd. Also the Fifa World Cup is going on and I am cheering for Germany, who are you cheering for?



2012 London Olympics !

Hi sorry I haven ‘t been posting

As you guys already know its the olympics. The opening ceromony was held in London , it was awesome. So far China is 1st on the standings they have 61 medals total 30 gold medals 17 Silver medals and 14 Bronze medals. United States follow with 60 medals total. That means they are just 1 medal behind China. Meanwhile New Zealand is 14 th place with 7 medals total with 3 gold medals and 4 bronze medals. The games have a great so far , can the Kiwis get more medals.

 Go New Zealand. !!!!!!!



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Hi Guys

Last week our class did the Reading and Maths E astle!

I got a 3b for both reading & maths!

🙂 😀 😛 8) 😉


Paper Plane

Hi guys

Today we went into groups and we chose our paper plane.It was good.We got a  plane but I can’t remember the name.But It was awesome.

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First day back

Hi Guys

First day back at school 2012 was awesome we 

Went to tino pai

Did a flip file of our selfs

Also set up our laptops and we got started on bloptree.


Back to school





Hi guys

Tommorow is school 🙂 🙁 😀

So I got everything ready for tommorow

Can’t wait    😉



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One thousand Visitors

Hi guys,

Guess what on my cluster map I reached one thousand visitors.




                         Hi guys so ….

So in  this holidays so far I went to the libaray and did some posts.Also I saw some people , I saw Kitty and Kaea.Well I saw  Kaea  riding his bicycle.




Black Friday

Hi guys

Guess What today is black friday also is my friend Dion’s Birthday.

What a happy  🙂 😀 8) 😉  and creepy day.  😛 🙁


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Deep Blue Sea

Hi guys

Yesterday I was bored at night so I swicthed the channels then I came across a movie call Deep blue sea.It was awesome so I watched it.It was about sharks.I reckon this moive is quite frighting.


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